The Simplest Truth

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I've noticed a reoccurring theme popping up in readings and conversations with friends lately. My specialty with my Clairvoyant readings seems to be relationships, specifically romantic ones, most likely because I LOVE LOVE and all things that have to do with love.


During a reading the other day my client, lets call her Not Her Real Name Cathy, asked me to look at the state of her current relationship. She's been "seeing" a guy for about 6 weeks now and the last time we did a reading together, she was pretty over the moon about him. I'll say Not Her Real Name Cathy has made leaps and bounds since our first reading together. She made so many leaps and bounds that by the time we did her second reading, roughly 2 months later, she needed another reading because she was in overwhelm, having successfully brought in a new relationship, new side gig and some acting work! I was amazed with how quickly she and I had been able to manifest everything she wanted. We started her 3rd reading, a quickie, only 30 minutes, to look at the current state of her relationship. They had been seeing one another for about 6 weeks, with neither of them pushing to "label" it or set any boundaries and Not Her Real Name Cathy had reached her limit with this arrangement.

When I called up a picture of Not Her Real Name Cathy and her gentleman caller it looked to me like he was still present with her, still standing as close as the last time I looked and his energy was present and flowing towards her. The image quickly shifted from a different point of view and from that perspective, her perspective, he appeared to be further away from him. I listened to her explain why she was worried and how he felt like he was distant, that she wanted to ask for more in the relationship, but didn't feel like he was ready to have "the talk" or if he could handle it.

The message that came through loud and clear, that I've repeated to at least 3 other friends since then was this, "Let HIM participate in the relationship." NHRNC had spent so much energy and time trying to figure out what he wanted, what he was capable of and ready for but so far all she was doing about it was guessing. Spirit wanted her to let him have a chance to be a part of the relationship by actually allowing him to participate in it. I encouraged her to ask for what she needed in the relationship by actually verbalizing and making her needs known and to give him a chance to respond with what he needs and whether or not he felt like he could meet them for her.  Don't guess. Don't assume. Don't know because one time he said this thing on Facebook about being eternally single #blessed. Give him the chance to decide.

This year, 2016, is the year that we all choose to let one another participate. Let's share how we feel when we feel scared, or ask for a hug when we need one. Stop trying to connect with someone, understand them and know them through technology or social media. We've all spent so much time FB stalking, Googling and Tweeting at people in order to understand them, connect with them, and know them, we forget that we could simply ask them how they feel, what they love, who they are.







We challenge you to have open, honest conversations, in person, allowing them to participate fully in the relationship that the two of you have built together. Otherwise, why even be in a relationship with someone else? We're guessing that 9 times out of 10 their answer will surprise you and fulfill your needs at the same time.

It feels like we are craving this kind of honest, open connection. If you haven't checked out The AND, its thrilling and exciting and just true, honest, connection. Or if you want a little help having  an open. honest conversation where you actually learn something about your partner, check out 36 Questions that Lead to Love.

Happy Connecting.