How to Celebrate International Women's Day

It is International Women's Day today according to my Facebook and Twitter. Women, men and others alike are posting for International Women's Day and I'm noticing a trend. 

It's time to stop identifying Women as victims. I KNOW. I KNOW. It's a controversial thing for me to say, but here's my reasoning for this. 

If we stay in the "story" of Women being victims, we will forever be perpetuating the story that we ARE victims, worth less, outnumbered, put upon and not respected. It is TIME to move the story forward. We do that by saying, We know we are victims, we know this is happening, what are we going to do to change it? It's kind of like that friend who is always reminding you that they are woefully single but refusing to get on any dating websites, or say yes to anyone who has offered to set them up. Before you all get really, really mad at me, I want you to know I recognize that this is also an inflammatory statement. I want to talk about looking at this from an energetic and a spiritual place. Much like you would expect within The Secret and when you Manifest your world, what you talk about, post about, write about and put energy into, is going to manifest in your world. 

I propose that on this International Women's Day we celebrate with things that empower us, instead of holding us in the same "victim" place we have been in for, ahem, awhile. Here are 5 things you can do to celebrate International Women's Day!

1. Find a Woman that you would normally say snide things about, to, around, and deliver her an honest, open, compliment. You know that there is something that you like or even envy about her, because she insights some type of response in you! #LiftHerUp

2. Celebrate that we have 3 women on the Supreme Court of the United States fighting for Women's Rights and the Right to have an Abortion. Sure, we're still having to fight the battle, but recognize and KNOW the power that we have to fight at the highest level right now. #RoeVWade #WomenInPower #SCOTUSSquad 

The Women Take Over -In oral arguments for the Texas abortion case, the three female justices upend the Supreme Court’s balance of power.

3. Stand up for yourself and other women. Don't be afraid to speak out when you are being put into a horrible situation, belittled, brushed aside or hurt. There are women and men ready to pick you up and help you continue the fight forward! They are literally everywhere around you, but if all you can see are the Men and Women who are attacking and taking away our rights, you won't be able to see the hand that's offering you assistance up. If you see someone that needs a hand, extend it. Speak up.  #IveGotYourBack #IBelieveYou

4. SEE HOW FAR WE HAVE COME! There is a woman running for President of the United States. She is being taken VERY seriously as a candidate. She may or may not end up the Democratic Nominee, but she is a real contender, how do you know? Look at how many people are attacking her, speaking out against her, etc. If she weren't a real contender for the office we wouldn't even be talking about her. #FirstFemalePresident and if you're STILL bummed out, then watch Suffragette and then come tell me how far we haven't come. In an incredibly short amount of time. I know that it seems like a Million years, but 100 years ago Women started this battle and we've been gaining ground ever since. 


5. OWN YOUR POWER-- As a woman, we have so much power that we've been trained and taught to ignore. I've read and hear from many spiritually enlightened Men and Women, that if the whole of FemaleKind embraced and used their power, the Men would crumble. I don't mean that in a violent way, because Women rule, govern and lead with Compassion, Kindness, Strength and the Power that this world is so desperately hungry for these days. Go stand in front of a mirror, open your heart, look yourself in the eyes and repeat after me, "I AM WOMAN, hear me ROAR"  5 times. Do it with a "power pose" all the better! It sounds cheesy, but just try it and see how that feels. (there's a reason this is in the bigger font!)

BONUS #6!!! TURN OFF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA! All they are doing is holding us in the same cycle of fear, disempowerment and the STORY. 


And as Carey Mulligan said in the final line of the trailer for Suffragette. "We will win." 

Happy International Women's Day! 

The Women's right to Vote in The United States happened in 1920!! That's not even 100 years ago! Imagine what they could have done with our resources back then? 

The Women's right to Vote in The United States happened in 1920!! That's not even 100 years ago! Imagine what they could have done with our resources back then?