How does YOUR acting career FEEL? When you walk into an audition are you bringing in a vibration of JOY or FEAR? Are you running your acting business from a feeling of terror? need? want? Do you even KNOW how you want to FEEL in your career? Learn how to make your auditions, career and journey as an actor more soulful and heart centered without driving yourself crazy! Finding your Core Desired Feelings will give you a guiding compass to navigate this unique, exciting, creative business!

Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have. Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map is like a vision board, but even more powerful, because you decide how you want to FEEL and use that as your guiding compass.

As actors we are FEELING creatures, so why WOULDN’T we develop a career based on how we want to feel?!

What? – A 2 Day workshop where we will traverse the Desire Map together, using the tools Danielle has created to decide what your Core Desired Feelings as a successful, working actor are.

When? –  TBD

Where? – My backyard oasis in my home in Studio City.

Why? – Because running your career from a goal oriented, fear place just isn’t working any more.

How? – Sign up! Show Up! Shine!

$$? –  Early bird discount!  $250    Regular Cost  $300

INCLUDES – 2 Six hour Workshop Days + The Desire Map Book ($22 value) +The Desire Map Workbook ($12 value) + A 30 minute clairvoyant reading with ME ($45 value), where we can look at the current state of your career in order to create your Desire Map from a place of authenticity and realness. 

Email for more information and dates!