Clairvoyant Readings

What is a clairvoyant reading? 

A Psychic reading where I look at a picture that you're holding in present time. Don't worry, I don't need an actual physical picture, these are pictures I look at psychically with my 3rd eye. It's all very woo-woo and crazy, but it always works. The pictures and images I see always resonate with my clients, even if it does make them giggle sometimes!  

Each reading works differently and whether you choose an Aura reading, or a Love reading, we will always touch on the things that you need to hear. Spirit works that way! It comes forward for the highest good of all involved! I'll expect nothing less from them and they demand that and more from me. 

Clairvoyant Life Coaching

Looking for more regular support, self care and guidance? Life coaching will be done on a more regular basis, consisting of Clairvoyant readings, Next Steps, Check-Ins and a consistent Coach in your corner! If you're interested in working together in this capacity please email me at for rates and availability.