SAG - AFTRA         5’7”                                                                                                    


Tactics                                                     Lead                                     Dir: Patrick Fogarty    

Untitled Fies Sisters Feature                     Lead                                     Dir: Fies Sisters

Fangirling                                                  Lead                                    Dir: Elisabeth Fies

Circle Yes or No                                        Lead                                     Dir: Mac Condro

Loveseat                                                   Supporting                            Dir: Matthew Richmond

Just Like the Movies                                  Lead                                     Dir: Stacy Adamski

Other People’s Parties                                Supporting                            Dir: R.A. White

Glow                                                         Voice                                     Dir: James Shepard

Sink or Swim                                              Lead                                      Dir: Stacy Adamski

Reactive                                                     Lead                                      Dir: Doug Eboch

Repo                                                          Featured                                Dir: Ben Gourley



Make It Happen                               Co-Star                                   Ground Up & Rising Prod.


                                                           New Media

Dumped                                               Lead                                       Dir: Douglas Eboch



(nebraska)     Saturdays at 10 PM            The Harold                            iO West

Simpatico                                               House Team                          Now Improv

The Dilemma                                          The Harold                            iO West

DCT                                                      The Harold                            iO West

American Standard                                Long Form                            Second City, CA       

Assisted Living                                      The Harold                            iO West

Relative Newcomer                                Long Form                            iO West

Lady Elaine                                           The Armando Diaz              iO West



S.P.E.C. Comedy                                   Ensemble/ Writer                Los Angeles, CA

Nothing Consensual                             Ensemble / Writer               Second City, CA



Scene Study   (On Going)                       Warner Loughlin                 Hollywood, CA

Stand Up Level 1 & 2                              Judith Shelton                      Silverlake, CA

Master Acting Class                               Dee Wallace                          Los Angeles, CA

Second City’s Conservatory 1-5               Seeley, Ross                           Los Angeles, CA

Improv Olympic West 1-6                         Grace, Dassie , Gardner       Hollywood, CA

Cabaret Singing Workshop/ Voice           Peisha McPhee                      Sherman Oaks, CA

University of Northern Colorado               B.A. Theatre: Directing       Greeley , CO


                                                            Special Skills

Accents:         British                        Irish                Minnesota                         Texan

Dance:            Tap                 Jazz                Ballroom                Ballet            Clog               

Musician/ Singer:  Clarinet          Trombone     Mellophone        Piano

 Lyric Soprano          Belt           Mix                                         Cabaret

Sports:           Swimming         Motorcycle Riding      Yoga     Roller Skating       Basketball







There’s Power in Looking Silly and Not Caring that you Do.
— Amy Poehler